Thursday, June 20, 2013


Tonight's post is another Skillshare update. Tonight I learned about vectorizing drawings in Adobe Illustrator. I used the live tracing tool to retain my original color images.  First is the low-fidelity option:

low fidelity picnic drawing

It's a bit too cartoony. Now I brave the hard-to-edit but very sharp hifi option:

high fidelity picnic drawing

I did some minor retouches, especially in case my final image does not have a white background. I made the background layer bright pink and corrected any places in the shapes that had bright pink shining through. The images in blogger show up with a black background, which helps me see I need to tidy up my shapes a bit. The blur over the outline really doesn't work against anything but white.

I'll try to make time this weekend to actually turn this into a pattern!