Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spoonflower proofs are in!

I got something exciting in the mail this week: my fabric proofs from Spoonflower! It's interesting to see how the digital design translates into cloth. Some of the colors are less saturated in real life, like the sea green waves. 

For this reason I also purchased the full color map. The smaller color guide is a great intro, but you'll soon find it doesn't give enough flexibility. The map shows every printable color and will be an essential tool for me.

Back to the designs. I think the clouds is the strongest: good crisp lines and contrasting colors.

This black one is a little weaker. Notice the tiny white edges here: I'll need to recolor this one to remove that. So the black one is not for sale at this point.

The only other pattern that I don't think is ready yet is the green on blue waves. It just doesn't pop. I'm going to try a brighter green on that one.

The rest of the patterns are all for sale in my shop:
visit my spoonflower shop

I'm also continuing to work through this Skillshare course on repeating patterns. It's well worth the $20 (Use my link for the discounted price). I'm learning all sorts of things about Illustrator, and I like that it's self paced. Best of all, it connects me with other artists, so it's great to see other's creativity and get feedback on my project.