Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Featured Artist: Mindy from ByMindy

Today’s featured artist is Mindy, a fabric pattern designer and children’s clothing designer. She runs her own Etsy Shop and Spoonflower store. Be sure to visit her website and like her on Facebook!

I discovered Mindy’s amazing patterns at this year’s Austin Renegade Craft Fair. This pattern of dangling crystals really captured my imagination. It’s so magical and has a wonderful color scheme. Today she shares her design process with us.

spoonflower crystals fabric design

A: What’s your background? When did you really get into art? Do you have formal training, or are you self-taught?

M: I was a painting major at the University of Kansas. I really truly love that medium; however it's expensive, and I found that I didn't have the drive to compete. Although I often fantasize about painting again. Maybe someday. I can't remember a time when art wasn't a huge part of my life. I've always loved it and done it in some form. When I was little I would watch Bob Ross and then make my Mom get out my watercolors. I would be so excited to try to create what he had and talk about the happy little clouds and trees. I love coloring books. I probably buy a new one every year. It's how I relax.

A: What (or who) are your inspirations?

M: I have a weird fascination with pods, they are a big inspiration. I try to draw from visuals that I see around me, symbols, shapes, colors.

A: How did you get started designing patterns?

M: I think my earliest memory of designing patterns was an elementary school project where we created our own tessellations. It was a really fun project and I remember after we were done I went home and made a ton more. I get a little obsessive about things. I am a perfectionist and will do something over and over until I am satisfied (which is never). As far as fabric designing is concerned, I just started. I created my first collection earlier this year. I'm very proud of it and excited to do more. I aspire to create a collection for every season each year, but that is a ways off. I work a full time job & run my own company (byMindy) on the side, so free time (free enough to fully delve into the creative new idea part of my brain) is difficult to find. I designed my current collection on an unofficial snow day; we had 12 inches and I couldn't get my car out, called in to work and designed away.

A: I notice you turn your beautiful patterns into a lot of cute baby goods like booties and bibs. Tell me about what inspired you to take your work in this direction.

M: Actually, sewing the baby shoes and bibs inspired me to design fabric. I still love to collect fabric from other designers (it's one of my favorite things to do, and I do it often and have a large collection), but I felt like there were choices that were missing that should be available. So I design them.

A: How does your medium influence your work?

M: I make baby shoes with the fabric that I design. I think that it really only influences my designs in two major ways: 1. nothing offensive, 2. scale (I try to ensure that the scale of my patterns will work with the size of my products.)

A Can you please describe your work process?

M: I decide on my color palette first. Then I gather up the inspiring images that I have collected. I sit on the floor in my living room with my laptop on the coffee table and my wacom tab next to it and I go.

A: What are your essential tools?

M: Laptop, Wacom Tablet, Photoshop Elements

A: Thanks for sharing!

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