Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cat Bacon Creative

It's been a little while since I've posted here, but I have been up to good things. I'm finally trying to monetize my art hobby. I started this blog in 2013 to explore the area of surface pattern design, and since then, I've created over 220 unique designs, spent a year learning the art of fabric dyeing, and given a talk at Nerd Nite Austin. The next big step is to launch my own Etsy store CatBacon Creative featuring my creations. Here's some ramblings about my store and the values I want to incorporate


I picked circus and pole apparel because it is a way to combine my athletic and artistic hobbies. I'd already created my own custom costumes for performances, and I wanted to share my designs with the people in my community. My circus and pole classmates are really a second family to me. I've gained a new appreciation for my body since starting pole dance two years ago. Thanks to Sky CandyBonBonBarreInner Diva, and Austin Academy of Burlesque. Also I am a huge fan of roller derby and admire the glitter, leggings, and physicality of this alternative sport.


I've been very inspired by the creative and talented people around me. First of all, my brother Steven Kilzer created his own sunglasses line with lots of hard work over the last six years. I always played things a little more cautious, but I am tremendously proud of my brother's ambition and work ethic. Everyone in my family has this intense desire to create. My grandmother sanded carousel horses in her 70s and 80s. My father worked 14 hour days, then spent his weekends hunting deer and elk, ice fishing for Kokanee, or gardening a 70 foot plot. My Mom does everything from cooking, baking, knitting, cross stitching, to canning, sewing, gardening, volunteering, and quickbooks.


I'm a huge feminist, and in great awe of the women I know who have started their own businesses. My friend Julia created her own massage studio Rising Spiral and it's seriously the best in town. My friend Shay is and continually wins awards as the best audio engineer in Austin (as well as the only female in this role), and owns her own studio Chez Boom. There's my teacher Serena from BonBonBarre, Mika and Inez from Hard Candy, the brilliant ladies behind Boss Babes ATX, and so many more. It's not easy being a woman in this world, but that doesn't stop these gals from taking risks and climbing to the top.


I'm also really motivated by body positivity and health at any size. I love to read the fitness journey of activist Ragan Chastain. I love the radical self acceptance of burlesque dancers who just get on stage and don't apologize for being themselves.  I love how athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and want my clothing line to reflect that. Sadly, a lot of the fashion industry just taps out after size 12. I've been there, struggling to find a leotard to fit for ballet class, feeling like I don't belong in dance. Naww, dance is for everyone. Inspired by brands like Pin Up Couture, Artista Activewear, and the curvy-friendly clothing I found in New Zealand, I aim to provide clothing in a wide range of sizes. Sourcing is a little tricky as I'm doing low volume orders, but please be patient as I am working on getting items up to 3XL.


I spend a lot of time thinking about where clothing is made, and where it goes when we're done using it. Again, I am limited in my power as a low volume buyer, but when possible, I choose clothing that is ethically made. I believe in quality over quantity. I hope to make items that you will love, take care of, and keep for a long time.