Friday, February 20, 2015

Year of the Sheep: Dragon Parade

My day job is software engineering at Indeed. This past Thursday and Friday, we had a hackathon, where employees spent the time working on a coding or creative project. I took the opportunity to make a dragon for Chinese New Year. It might be the first time I have been actually paid to use my art degree. I am really thankful to work at a company that values its employees and lets us do fun, creative things. I am also really grateful to all the people who helped me build this dragon, including Yuanyuan, Hideki, Renee, Pooja, Gregory... there were lots of helpful people at the end, so sorry if I didn't acknowledge you here.

The dragon is a little over 20 feet long, and takes 6-8 people to operate. It's definitely the largest project I've done, but it's really fun to work large. Total budget was $170. Aside from the fabric dyeing, the construction took 14 hours.

Sketching out the head

Making the armature

We used embroidery hoops for the body frame

Hacking out a pattern

Starting to take shape

The finished dragon and pearl

The parade at 11 pm.

I had a lot of help with the parade!

Outside we had fireworks