Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fabric Printing with Dye Workshop at Stitch Lab

This weekend I took a workshop at Stitch Lab to learn fabric printing with dye. We used techniques such as stamping, rolling, and silk screen to apply dye thickened with sodium alginate. I even figured out how to use some of the wooden stamps I got in India by creating a stamp pad from felt and towels with dye.

Improptu stamp pad with a microfiber towel.
 I also made my own stamp using the speedball carving blocks. Since I've been watching a bunch of roller derby, I found some inspiration in skates:
Roller Derby Inspiration

I shrunk the drawing using illustrator.

I should really buy some transfer paper, but graphite will do.

I think the pink kind carves more smoothly. This is a bit rough.

Always test your stamps. Here I realize I forgot to cut the wheel centers.

The results from the first day of printing.

Roller Derby print with wet dye.