Thursday, March 21, 2013


I browsed goodwill after work today and a pair of shoes caught my eye. The designer was Texas' own Lela Rose, who makes fabulous, but very expensive, dresses. She's also done collections with Payless shoes and Neiman Marcus for Target, so her designs aren't entirely out of reach. I googled the label on my phone, and learned that the "Unforgettable Moments by Lela Rose" were actually dyeable wedding shoes. And they were 11, close enough to my size 10.5 feet. I decided to get some fabric paint markers and do a pattern on the shoes. I'll pad out the toe so I can actually wear them.

white shoes with bow and fabric markers

decorating shoes with fabric markers and diatom pattern
adding pattern to dyeable shoes with fabric markers
My arms are a bit tired from coloring all these odd angles. I also haven't decided how to color the bow. I'll finish up this weekend and share the final result.

one shoe hand colored with fabric markers

finished shoes with diatom pattern