Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wallpaper Group pmg

Tonight's wallpaper group is pmg. It features reflections, 180 rotations, and glide reflections. Here is the cell structure:

Wallpaper group diagram legend rotation2.svga centre of rotation of order two (180°).
Wallpaper group diagram legend reflection.svgan axis of reflection.
Wallpaper group diagram legend glide reflection.svgan axis of glide reflection.
 Image and Key: Source: Wikipedia

Here is a quarter cell created using Illustrator's swirl tool.
Now to make our basic pattern block: Here is a reflection along a horizontal axis.
Next I take the top quarter cell, and rotate it 180 degrees and slide it to the right:

 And repeat with the bottom quarter cell. Or, you can take the top right quarter cell and reflect it across the horizontal axis. The result is the same. I remove the guidelines now to create the full cell:
I tiled the cell and then added some color to complete the design.

wallpaper group pmg example