Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pattern things

My 30 day trial of illustrator is nearly up, and I've learned so much in the last month (Yes I will be investing in the newest version, it's pricey but totally worth it). I've been converting a lot of my patterns into vector graphics, which means they won't be all pixelated.

I also found a good site for converting my work into phone covers, laptop skins, etc.: Society6. Because I have to do lots resizing my images to the correct dimensions for each item, I can tell they take image quality seriously, and I wouldn't put my work on anything second-rate. I love caseable, and have two of their cases, but they don't make it so easy to open your own store, at least for small artists. 

Patterns are so utilitarian, and I love the idea of making art that people can wear or incorporate into their everyday life.

Here's a link to my new Society6 store
And here's a link to my Spoonflower store. I keep adding new stuff, so check it out :)