Friday, April 5, 2013


In addition to creating my own patterns, I want to feature patterns that inspire me. Look for posts with the tag "Spotted" for inspiration I find in the wild.

I work near a high end shopping mall. Patterns are everywhere in fashion. Wednesday at Lunch I went for a walk and photographed some of my favorite patterns. 

I just love this "scatter dot" print at J. Crew.

These scarves by Forget Me Not are almost too pretty to wear!
Another by Forget Me Not. There is so much detail and beautiful color variation in these.

These tangram cats on this blouse by Piamita are really fun.
Here's a new parking garage with interesting vertical stripes. The green sections are actually astroturf. I'm not sure how that will look in five years, but now the building looks pretty neat.
Here is the underside of the entrance to the Aloft Hotel.